Listen the goals you want to achieve and the path you have to take in order to reach them will separate you from the masses. You’ll become one in a million destined for greatness.

The only thing that separates you from the people you admire are the thoughts you think and the actions you take.

If you believe in yourself and in your dreams and let the right action follow great things will manifest in your life.

It all starts with those three steps:

You have to believe in yourself and in your goals. You yourself have to be absolutely convinced that you can achieve your dreams and that it is only a question of when you do so.

You have to take the first step. What ever goal you set yourself, what ever dream you want to fulfil it will always stay a dream if you don’t take action. You have to act now.

And the most essential step to really succeed is you have to continually work on your goals day by day for months and years.

Interestingly these are also the three attributes that separates the top 1% of 99% of all other people on this world.


First most people don’t believe in themselves. Their minds and hards are full of doubt and fear.

They doubt that they can succeed, they doubt them self and their plans and they Fear rejection and failure. They can’t imagine that they will reach their goals and so they want!

No one can succeed with this Mind set. It is impossible! You are fighting a up hill battle, before you even started, against an enemy you can not defend.

I certainly doubted my self, thinking my dreams would be out of reach for eternity. Never reaching my full potential, standing in the shadows of those who ad what I wanted.

It wasn’t till the day I made a conscious decision to take control of my destiny that everything changed. And even then it took me months to finally start believe in myself and that I could really achieve my goals.

It was the first step I took towards a better life as well as the decision to continue day by day that builded enough momentum for me to finally see results.

And the beauty about progress in the beginning is that, the smallest success feels like heaven on earth.

This is how everything started.

I now apply this framework to all aspects of my life I want to see success in.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get Sixpack Abs, to make 10K a month, to have a beautiful girlfriend or to be the leader of a Group. It all starts by applying these 3 steps.

You have to take the first step and take action. Most peoples dreams will for ever be exactly that! Their DREAMS. And Why?

Because they don’t take action. They don’t know how, they don’t know where, they are too lazy, too weak, to poor. There are a million reasons and excuses why people don’t take actions.

All that matteres is that their lives will never change. And therefore never improve.

The few who are willing and able to take action and actually do often lose motivation and therefore momentum and stop.

They stop because the pain is too big and they can’t see themselves achieving their goals. And Why so?

Because they haven’t seen results jet, they don’t see how it’s possible for them. They have not experienced any success and therefore feel success is unattainable for them.

They haven’t experienced any success because they stopped working as soon as they started.

Lebron James
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elon Musk
Brad Pitt

They all wouldn’t be where they are today, if they would have quitted as soon as things go a little difficult. They have and never did have any advantage over you. All they did is:

They took the first step

Continued to do so over a long period of time

Their belief in themselves grew stronger. Till it wasn’t a question of if but when they would reach their goals.

And you can too.

Wie didn’t choose the cards of life that we were dealt but it is our responsibility to play them as well as we can and to make the most of our current situation.

To be honest. It is that simple…

You could literally achieve any goal as long as you follow those 3 steps.

Start, continue and believe that you will succeed.

Think of any goal you want to achieve?

Think of what you can do every day to come closer to that Goal?

And do it every day!

You want to become jacked?

Okay follow a meal and trainings plan every day. Do that for 3 months and you will see results its that easy.

You want to make a million bucks?

Pick a money nice:

Like Youtube and post every day, improve your videos and continue posting.

You want a beautiful girlfriend?

Approach 10 women you find attractive, learn about Women and do that every day and you will be successful.

Me and any men or women you admire follow the same process. Everything lyes in your hands. It can be that easy. Take the first step today!

Good luck!


Answer the questions bowl and take action:

What is your top one goal?

What can you do every day to to come closer to that Goal (write down 5 things)?

And do them today…

And for 30 more days

Then read this 3 step framework again.