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A training routine that yields fantastic results

For over thirty years, I have been exercising in the gym, incorporating both weight training and fitness training. My consistent main goal is to put on lean muscle while reducing any unwanted fat. Although I have been successful at times, I know that many people have struggled to yield any results and the older we get, the harder it can become to either start or to find the motivation to keep exercising week after week. I have tried every program, every fad exercise routine, every class, and I have achieved some remarkable results. On the flip side, I have also experienced a lack of motivation, weight gain, weight loss, illness and injuries.

I have been training for so long now I often forget that as each decade passes my training requires me to adjust my training to accommodate my ageing body. When you are in your twenties you can train like a beast, lift as heavy as you can and exercise for hours. However, this is not the case when you are over forty. You can still train like a beast that’s not a problem, and you can even lift substantially, no worries, but it is not wise to push yourself beyond your limits like you could in your twenties by training for hours. Besides, why would you want to? I mean, who over forty has the time?

The secret behind achieving your ultimate dream body is nutrition. Our Abs are indeed made in the kitchen. However, food alone will not yield a muscular tight body. In combination, healthy eating and laborious exercise will work the best to achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you are like me and often get on a roll at the gym by training consistently. You start seeing some results then all of a sudden you get sick or injured. Suddenly you are out of action for a week or two, and you start seeing those impressive results fade away, then I have an exercise routine that might be just what you need.

After years of trial and error, I have found the perfect exercise routine that is working well for me; add to the equation the correct nutrition and I have achieved a very pleasing body shape, without illness or injury.

The exercise program I have been doing for the past 12 months has given me extra motivation. The program can be completed by anyone, regardless of where you are with your training, from beginner to advanced. The only thing you need to adjust is the heaviness of the weights and the repetitions, and the rest stays the same.

A few things I do before exercising is load up on caffeine. I use a pre-workout, my favourite is called C4, watermelon flavour by Cellour, without going into too much detail on pre-workout drinks my advice is to find what works for you. You may prefer food, a coffee, an energy drink, or nothing at all whatever works for you is ok.

I always bring with me a medium size banana for extra energy during my workout and a large bottle of water for hydration. I have tried using all sorts of other drinks for use during the workout. However, I didn’t see get much energy from these, a banana works just fine for me. Find what works for you by experimenting.

The Preparation:

  • Duration is 30 minutes
  • HIIT- High intensity interval training
  • Program is a split program (two different muscle groups) and a mix of compound (utilising more than one muscle group, e.g. Chin-ups, Bench press, Squats) and isolation (using only one muscle group, e.g. Bicep curls, Tricep pushdowns, Leg extension)
  • Choose two opposing muscle groups. You should have one leading muscle group for example chest and one isolation such as biceps
  • Choose two to three activities for each muscle group. I like to work my Abdominals or do some Cardio as a third exercise, but not always necessary at every workout
  • Set the weight so you can do more than 8 repetitions but less than 15 repetitions, you should be aiming for fatigue around 12- 15
  • Keep the tempo slow and controlled, do not rush the exercise and ensure perfect technique
  • When performing the exercise squeeze your primary muscle at full extension and pause for 1 second
  • Breathing is very important, if you feel your muscles are burning take in a big deep breath and exhale. Breath normally during each repetition and keep your breaths strong

The Warm-up:

Start your workout with an active 5-minute warm-up. Warming up your joints and muscle that you plan on working, including some dynamic stretching. If you need help, ask a personal trainer to help you. Using a piece of cardio equipment will also suffice here.

During your warm-up, plan in your head what exercises you are going to do for your main workout; I find the more the variety, the better the outcome.

The Workout:

Start with a compound exercise, followed quickly by an isolation exercise, followed by another compound exercise for your main muscle group. The only rest between these three exercises is the time it takes to change the weight or set up the next exercise, if applicable. An example might be Clap push-ups – Hammer curls – Incline Bench press.

Squeeze your main muscle at flexion

Once you have completed three exercises, rest for about 1 minute. During the rest, take a bite of a banana and a sip of water. Repeat the group of three exercises, three times.

By this stage, you have completed two exercises for your main muscle group and one exercise for the other muscle group for three sets and anywhere from 8-15 repetitions. This part of the program will take about 10 minutes.

Next, pick another three exercises, then repeat the same as above.

Finally, pick two exercises, one compound for your main muscle group and one isolation for your opposing muscle group, repeat as above.

This workout should take 30 minutes if you feel you are going over you can drop the last two exercises or reduce your rest time.

One final note- Use a spotter when required. After each set increase or decrease the weight depending on how many repetitions you performed on the last set, there is no rule here do what feels right. It is essential that you keep your heart rate elevated during the workout and that you are working your muscles to fatigue.

The choices and combinations of exercises can vary dramatically. Just do what you feel like doing in any combination, using the above guidelines. You should feel exhausted after each workout, if not work harder next time.

You should try to train 2 days on 1 day rest or 2 days on 2 days rest. The amount you train is up to you but do not train everyday, your body and muscles needs time to recover. Good Luck!

If you would like to purchase a sample of thirty groups of exercise please visit my shop.

Be your best physically

Marc Matthews-Indovino


A Message for your New Year

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, let your heart soar high.

Feel the beauty of the strength and power you have within you to reach every goal and to accomplish every dream.

May this New Year fulfil all your aspirations. You are the best, keep believing and achieving.

Have a Great 2020

Have your Best Year ever

Marc Matthews-Indovino


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Art of Personal

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful and joyful Christmas. Thank you for following us in 2019. Please be safe over the holidays. Spend time with loved ones and do not forget those who may be lonely this Christmas. Be Kind, Be Loving, Be Thankful and most of all, Be your Best Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

Merry Christmas!

Be your best over the holidays

The team at art of personal development.

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