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Now is the time to start exercising!

I wrote and posted this blog one year ago but now more than ever it is valuable so I thought I would add and re post.

Have you ever thought to yourself how you got so out of shape? Usually, life gets in the way and we end up compromising our health and fitness for marriage, work, kids and life in general. We are so busy living we think we have no time to exercise. Then one day we wake up tired, overweight, old looking, unfit and depressed. Sound like you?

I have trained hundreds of men and women who have all thought this exact thing but just don’t know how to make a change, their lives have become such a routine that they do not have the motivation or inspiration to make a change, some people do not know where to start, do not have the time, money or both. However with the world the way it is at the present moment, now is a great time for many of us who may be stuck at home to start exercising.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Let me tell you that if you do not make a change now, you will have time to be sick and that sickness could cost you a lot more than just time and money. I understand just how hard it is to start on a healthy life path and stick to it. I myself are constantly challenged everyday. However, it does not have to be hard, hurt or be time-consuming, all you need to do is find what is going to fit into your weekly routine. I will not lie, it will be very hard in the beginning but I promise you if you stick to it, it will become easier and you may even fall in love with your new lifestyle.

How to start- Step One is to evaluate your fitness and overall health. If you have not exercised if over 12 months or are in extremely poor condition, then may I suggest you go to your doctor and get a full physical. This is extremely important as you may be boarding on a variety of different illnesses and exercising could trigger a really bad reaction, for example, a heart attack. Get a doctors clearance.

Step Two is to think about what exercise is going to work for you and something that you are going to stick with. I recommend joining a gym but if you can not afford a gym then there are a plethora of exercise groups that are free, such as walking groups, running groups etc. There are many inexpensive options for joining a gym such as off-peak memberships, these can be as little as $5 a week, that’s only one coffee is some areas. Sometimes we have to give up some of our luxury items to make these changes. If money is no option find a gym that works for you, again many options. I use a 24-hour small size gym as it works for me. Unfortunately joining a gym right now for most of us is impossible, but you can join an online gym for now.

Much research has been done on people using a gym and it has been found that, the majority of people who join a gym will not go more than 5km to a gym that is either from work or home. Therefore find the closest gym to your home or work. Try before you buy, just about every gym will give you some sort of deal, like a 7-day pass.

Step Three Get started, start slowly and build yourself up. Slow and steady will be the key to your success. This is some really important advice. I have seen time and time again clients start a gym routine all gung ho, they try to train like they are in their twenties and it always ends in them quitting. You must take it slow and make gradual changes, remember that you are making a lifestyle change, a change to last the rest of your life and it can take a long time to change.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix. Reality shows like the biggest loser where contestants lose a huge amount of weight in a very short time is not a reality, most contestants put all the weight back on soon after the show finishes and their fame fades back to their old life. However, it is possible to lose a huge amount of weight in a controlled environment, but is it the safest and best way?

Step Four Get yourself a program. The program is your guide to your training. It could be a weight/strength training program, cardio-vascular program or as I advise a combination of the two. To be successful you need to do some form of weight training (see future bogs on various weight training routines) for strength combined with a cardiovascular program for your fitness.

Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

I will be providing many various generic programs in future blogs, however, if you can not wait and would like a personalised program I can write one for you for a small fee. Please check out my shop on my web page for a program to suit you. I can also provide workout videos if you are stuck for motivation.

Be your best- Physically

Marc Matthews-Indovino


A powerful motivational tool

Have you ever needed a reason to do or give up something but just could not find the motivation to follow through or stick with it?

Well, I may just have an answer for you!

Did you know that around this time every year many Christians around the world from different denominations celebrate Lent?

You may or may not have heard of the holiday. There is quite a lot to know about the Lenten season that leads up to what we all know as Easter Sunday, but I am only going to talk about the concept of Lent where the meaning according to the United Methodist Church is to be “encouraged to find our own method of confronting our sinfulness, remembering our mortality, and giving thanks for the gift of salvation we receive through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ”.

Although many people head to church, many also honour the beginning of Lent by choosing to either give up something or give themselves to a cause, (for example volunteering), for the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. The idea of Lent is to give up something we really like, such as alcohol, chocolate, junk food, and swearing the list is endless.

This got me thinking about how you can use the concept of Lent as a powerful motivating tool to improve your Personal Development. I practice Lent as I am Christian and I like what Lent stands for “encouraged to find our own method of confronting our sinfulness, remembering our mortality, and giving thanks for the gift of salvation we receive through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ,”. But you don’t need to be Christian to use the concept of Lent.

To use the concept as a tool, all you need to do is think about all of the stuff you currently do that is contradictory to your personal growth, such as eating bad food, drinking alcohol, smoking, swearing, make sure you include unproductive thoughts and actions such as thinking negative thoughts, procrastinating, overworking, etc. Now channel all of these into a list of things you are prepared to give up for life.

If you are Christian and you practice Lent, then this can be a rehearsal to give up or change something that is derailing your success. But like I said before you do not need to be Christian, you can practice any religion or none, the exercise is to try this for forty days and see if you can change any of those unwanted habits.

Over the many years, I have added more and more challenging things to my list, and the difference it makes to my way of life is phenomenal.

Breaking a habit takes about 28 days, so if you have a reason, such a Lent then giving up has more meaning, and you are more likely to be successful. What you give up or change should come from your subconscious mind, your know the little voice telling you to “stop eating that”, “start doing that”, “stop thinking that way”, “stop talking like that”, “Volunteer more”, “Help more people “, the chatter is endless.

Remember it is not just food and drink that should be added to your list; it can be anything you feel is not working for you in your life. Everyone is different, so you do not compare yourself to others.

Now what I am proposing here is not just doing Lent or the concept for forty days but to extending that for life. Make sure you commit yourself by telling everyone you know as it makes it easier if people are there to support you, see my blog on smart goals.

Good luck and I wish you all the success in your Personal Development Journey.

Be your Best Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

Marc Matthews-Indovino


Say No to New Years Resolutions

And YES to SMART Goals…..

As we enter 2020 and a brand-new decade, many of us will set New Year’s resolutions which are according to the oxford dictionary is ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something’. According to, three of the top five most popular New Year’s resolutions have to do with diet and exercise. We all make them my clients, my friends, and my family year after year. Resolutions such as “I want to lose weight”, “I want to eat less”, “I will exercise more”, etc. Sound like your resolutions?

It is astounding the percentage of people who make these resolutions that have failed before February 1st and then are waiting twelve months only to make the exact same resolutions.

Are you one of these people?

Somehow year after year, you set new year’s resolutions, but as soon as you get one setback you have given up and settled back into your old habits.

Why does this happen?

There are many reasons why we continue failing at the resolutions we set every new year. Here are some reasons why you may be failing your New Years resolutions:

First thing to do is change the word resolutions to goals. Remember you do not just want to decided to do something you also want to take action on that decision.

  • The date the resolution you make would typically start on the worst time of year, January 1st. Instead of making your resolutions to start January 1st, think about the best possible time that you can begin your goal that you can stick to for at least 21 days. According to Dr Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon in the 1950s, published his findings that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you have anything going on between January 1st and January 21st that would hinder your New year’s resolution, then change your start date.
  • You lack direction, knowledge, motivation, and determination to achieve the resolution.
  • Your resolution is unachievable. Many people overestimate just how hard it can be to achieve a goal like, losing weight or changing your eating habits. If you have made the same resolution year after year, then it is time to stop and think about why you are not achieving the goal. Perhaps what you need is some professional help.
  • Your decision to lose some weight, join a gym, eat better etc., is just that a decision. You must turn your decision into a smart goal. A smart goal is a great way to ensure you have a proper plan in place if you want any chance at being successful able to stick to and achieve your resolution.

Smart goal:

Something can you stick to. You need to ensure that you can stick to your goal for at least one year or until you achieve it.

Measurable– How do you know you are achieving this goal? A good way to measure a weight loss goal, for example is the size of your clothing, scales, and measurements.

Achievable– How are you going to achieve this goal? What support system do you have around you to achieve the goal? Have you set your expectations too high? Where will you go and who will you see to help achieve the goal?

Realistic– Is your goal a realistic goal, or is it just impossible to achieve? Setting a goal to lose 50 kgs in one week is just not realistic. 500 grams per week is more realistic.

Time, does your goal have a deadline when you achieve this by? A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

To ensure you are successful, your smart goal must be Specific.

Your goal must be written down and be very specific. For example- If your goal is to lose weight, your goal would be written something like this-

I want to lose 10 kgs of body fat from my tummy, hips and thighs. I will lose this weight by working out at the gym for 5 days per week with a mix of fitness and weight training. I will eliminate all junk food from my diet and only eat natural healthy foods. To help with my exercise and nutrition I will enlist the help of professionals and I will share my goal with my close family and friends. I will measure my goal by my pants size every week. My plan is to lose 500 grams per week and I will take 20 weeks to achieve my goal. Today is the 19th of January 2020, I will have lost 10kgs of body fat from my tummy, hips and thighs by the 7th of June 2020.

When I was in my twenties, I used to make New year’s resolutions every New Year’s Eve, and like many other people, I failed and returned to my old habits somewhere between February and Easter. When I turned thirty, I made a New Year’s resolution not to make any more resolutions, but to instead make smart goals whenever I felt the need. I decided that I didn’t need a New Year to set goals, and neither do you.

Personal development is about setting and achieving goals to become better. Therefore you need to say no to resolutions and yes to smart goals. Set these goals whenever you feel the need to achieve something. Do not be governed by a New Year and always remember you must make a plan because…….

Be your best Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.

Marc Matthews-Indovino

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