You wake up at around 7 am.

You dread your work, your school or what ever you do, so you can’t seem to get out of bed each morning.

Every morning feels like torture.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel that way?

Don’t worry.

It is a natural feeling everyone can emphasis with.

If they are not looking forward to something they “have to do”.

Chances are you are not always looking forward to what the day has to bring. At least Mondays to Fridays.

You might not hate your work. But you definitely don’t love it either.

In addition most people me included have little energy left after an exhausting day at work.

In the combination with other tasks and duties outside of work one quickly sees the difficultly people have with working towards their goals. If there is not time or energy left for working towards them.

For this reason I decided to wake up early at 4 am every morning. To work on my list of tasks with them definite aim of brining me closer towards reaching my goals.

I quickly noticed that I often finished more work before noon than otherwise in two days.

What absolutely shocked me was how much concentrated High quality work I could finish in the early mornings 4-9.

With other words before 9 am I got 70% of the work done, productive work that took 99% of people a day.

I love what I do and enjoy doing it. So I quickly became addicted to early mornings. Working on what I was passionate about.

Becoming my fuel and the reason to wake up at 4 am every morning.

And the best thing about this is…

That you change your life to!

If you have goals and fail to achieve them. This simple change can make the difference between success and failure.

You know exactly what you should do to reach your dreams.

The question is if you will do it or not?

If waking up at 4 am to reach your goals is what it takes than it should definitely be something you should consider.

Apart of that you can always try and decide for yourself if it is worth it for your. If no you can always go back to your average life again. With out having to spend a penny.

Of course it is seemingly impossible to be consistent with working towards your goals if it is your last priority. After your daily task and duties there is hardly any motivation left.

You lost all your will power “struggling” through the day.

Your physical and psychological batteries are empty. No one can expect to get quality results in this condition.

Since you haven’t reached your goal of Sixpack abs, a beautiful house, a fast car, a sex girlfriend and financial freedom. You are still dependent on certain people. You have responsibilities and face consequences.

You are basically stuck.

The good news is that everyone has some hours left in a day for them selfs.

The bad news is that most of us waste it on Social media, Netflix and co. every evening.

And Why?

Because we are too exhausted to do any thing else. Not even considering trying to write a book, getting your ass to the gym or building that second steam of Income.

Those are things that need focus, determination and effort in order to succeed.

How can you succeed if you have no energy left. No Athlete would win if they had to work their ass off and that before the actually tournament.

The only thing that actually matters.

You have the audacity to betray your self of the opportunity to reach your own goals. To actually live your dream.

For what reason.

Because you can get out of bed in the morning? Is this the reason why you don’t succeed.

Ask yourself if you feel pain in your life right now and if there is a thing you would like to improve or work towards?

If the answer is yess.

And it oft is.

Then you should finally take control of your life.

You might now be bound to different responsibilities but you can decide ow you will use the rest of the time you have available.

If the things you have been doing till now haven’t shown any results. Maybe you should try a different method?

You don’t need to be a genius, super strong or charming. You can be as jung as 4 and as old as 99 years old. You can work as a farmer, a baker, a lawyer and a Hairdresser. You can be a mother, a father and a child.

All you have to do is to rise early and use the morning hours to work towards your goals.

If you do that over a long enough time period (Lets say: every day form 4 to 8 am) I can guaranty you will succeed.

It is as simple as that.

Now you do 5 Things:

You write down you goals
You write down exactly what you can do tomorrow morning that will bring you closer to them.
You write down when you wake up, what’s the first thing you do, how long you will do it for and what will you do after and how long etc.
Set your alarm NOW for the time you want to wake up tomorrow (I recommend 4 am, it is always better to directly jump in the cold water rather than avoiding the unavoidable).
Wake Up tomorrow at that time and follow your plan.

Good luck you now know everything you need to know to change your life. It is now up to you to use it.

Don’t waste this opportunity. If you don’t act now you will probably waste another year and maybe your entire life.

Good luck. It only takes you to wake up early!

My Tips:

When the alarm is on turn on the lights as well
Drink a black coffee in the morning
Directly start working