The Men of greatest achievement are those with highly developed sex natures (testosterone).

For proof of this observe what happens to an aggressive and powerful bull after it has been castrated. He is as tender as a cow.

Studies found that men with higher testosterone had higher household income, lived in less deprived areas, and were more likely to have a university degree and a skilled job.

For my personal experience I can agree and verify that high testosterone levels increases willpower, energy and determination. All of which is essential to reaching once goals.

(There are numerous ways to increase once testosterone level, I added a couple of simple tricks below.)

Studies also found that the majority of men who succeed do not begin so before the age of 40 or 50 and that is due to their tendency to waste their sexual energy through overindulged in physical intercourse or the pursuit of it.

Wasting their creative and physical energy chasing girls. (Consciously never understanding that they have to put them selfs in a position where women want to be with them in the first place).

The men who make the discovery that the urge for sex has other possibilities and can be transformed to productivity and success. Don’t make this discovery prior to the age of 40.

Often followed by noteworthy achievement!

The reason is that the sexual desire is by fare the strongest of human emotions and motivations.

Therefore if this desire is channeled to the right action success will follow much faster than the average men can obtain.

The reason most men discover that Fact not before 40 is because they don’t have any one to inform them about our sex natures, like you do.

A man’s ability to produce testosterone starts to decline at about 40 years of age, and levels continue to drop 1 – 3% a year thereafter.

With their sex natures (testosterone) decreasing most men finally can channel their sexual energy into productive things apart from women. Because the pressures no longer that high.

If you are a men and between 18 and 35 you probably experienced day dreaming about a girl more than once.

If your honest to yourself:

Many of your goals are fuelled by the desire to meet and later have intercourse with a specific or any girl that meets your requirements.

You would immediately stop the thing you are working on if the specific girl or any girl that meets your requirements suddenly text you.

You would go out of your way to meet her if she would have asked you.

If your honest to yourself:

You wasted countless hours chasing girls in clubs or bars, at school and later in University and at work.

If you don’t you definitely thought and dreamed about doing so.

The issue with that is that you waste your valuable time and energy during those essential years. The years where you should build the foundation of a successful life and where you have the most energy, motivation and determination to do so.

In addition you have less responsibility, more freedom and more room for error and mistakes in your 20s rather than your 40s.

The desire for sex is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire Men are more courage’s and they have more willpower.

So strong and captivating is this desire for sexual contact that people freely run the risk of running their reputation and often Life’s.

When this sexual energy is not transmuted into an produktive creative effort of any kind it will find less worthy, physical and mental outlets.

You have to understand that Sex is the most intense and powerful of all mind and body stimuli.

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses”.

Now what can you do to use this energy to reach your goals?

You have to transmute your sexual desire, use it to fuel you to work towards your goals.

Rather than the short term goal of getting that girl, set yourself the goal of building a life that any women wants to be a part of.

It is as simple as that don’t waste your sexual energy.

Unfortunately Men waste their sexual energy through numerous different ways:

The most devastating once are Pornos and Masturbation, nothing steals your willpower and energy faster than Pornos and Masturbation.

Followed by stalking women on social media, chasing girls in the club, obsessively living in “la la land” / dream world hoping that one day your dream girl will sees how great you are or the daily mission to win your female co-workers or classmates attentions.

The are a million different ways and strategies men try to fulfil their sexual desire.

You however are now one step ahead!!

You know the power of Sexual energy and you understand that you can cannel your sexual desire to achieve your goals and dreams.

You know the reason that most men discover this powerful energy only late in life, because it is already decreasing.

Your advantage is that you are young and full of sexual energy. Rather than wasting it on chasing women like 99% of men do in one or the other way. You will channel this energy to give you the strength and willpower to become successful.


When you and your friends go out to the clubs. There is often only one reason why you do so.

Stop that! More often than not the effort is not worth the reward anyways.

When you desperately try to spend time with the women you like.

Stop that! Trust me it won’t make her like you any more.

What will however turn her on is you becoming a Boss and going some where.

I hope you understand where I am going…

Don’t waste those years where you have the energy and willpower to work towards any thing you want to obtain on chasing or thinking or speaking about girls.

Trust the process and understand that you will be a better men and in a much better position to attract women in the first place. If you work on yourself and towards your goals NOW.

Wasting your energy on chasing women in your young years before improving yourself and setting up your life for success is a hopeless cause.

It Is as meaningless as writing a test again and again always failing but never studying and therefore never improving and so never succeeding. Like swimming a race before really knowing how to swim.

And If you have a women by your side.


Love her but don’t chase her and don’t obsess about her. As long as you do what you are suppose to do to reach your goals and live your dream life. She will stay with you.

But as soon as you stop or you get too focused on her or too lazy in the relationship she will go and she should because the thing that any women deserves is your best.

In summary:

Your sexual energy is the strongest motivator you have.

Most men waste that energy till it starts to decline

Your sexual energy is testosterone.

If you stop wasting that energy on girls and channel it into productive things, always conscious of your tenancy to obsess over sex but resisting it you will succeed.

Good Luck

You can increase your testosterone by:

Eating 6 eggs a day
Sleeping 8 hours +
Regularly training but Not over training
Taking Vitamine D + Ashwagandha
And eating a high fat and high protein diet

Implementing those 5 things puts you ahead of almost any one and certainly anyone you know.

Use it!