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Exercise tips to do at home.

If you are like many of us around the world and stuck in lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now is the perfect time to start or continue exercising. As well as the countless benefits to exercise, exercising gives you more confidence to go about your daily life.

If you cannot get to a gym, fear not as I have 10 easy exercises you can do around the home that requires little or no equipment.

These exercises can be performed by anyone regardless of your fitness level. The best thing is these exercise can be regressed as needed.

#1- Push ups

Yes, the old push up. Done correctly and often enough can give really help bring your posture up and strength your upper chest and arms. Adding a child to your back adds another level of difficulty. Starting on your knees is perfectly OK, just do not stay there too long. I push-up on your toes is equal to three on your knees.

Photo by Keiji Yoshiki on

#2- Squats

The trusty old squat, an oldie but a goody. I use my son on my back for extra weight. A well-rounded exercise for your entire lower body and abs.

Photo by Leon Martinez on

#3- Sit ups

Sit-ups can be done is a variety of different ways from crunches to full sit ups, whatever works for you is totally OK. You may have heard that no matter the number of sit-ups you cannot reduce fat in your torso. While this is true, how good will your abs look when you finally reduce the mid line through a good nutrition plan, SUPERB!!

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#4 – Step ups

Find a step and start stepping up and down as fast as you can. Before you know it, your heart rate will be elevate. I try for 100 step ups at a time. Try reducing the time, increasing the steps, or adding some extra weight.

#5 – Planking

The ab plank is a great for your midsection, try for 1-minute intervals and increase.

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#6- Chin-ups

Chin ups although rather difficult can strengthen you back and shoulders very quickly. If you can not find anything to pull up on, try the local park or lie under a table and in the sitting position pull yourself up, making sure you legs are straight and you only have your ankles on the ground, works a treat.

#7- Walk, Jog or Run

If you can get out of the house to go for a walk, jog or run, do it. Otherwise what I have been doing is running around the backyard table chasing my son. It is fun for both of us and I get a workout, win win!

Photo by Pixabay on

#8- Jumping Jacks or Fake skipping   

You can do jumping jacks or skip without the rope. Try for 500 and see your heart rate go through the roof. Try for speed or time.

#9 – Shoulder Press

This one requires a weight of some sort; I use my baby son and works a treat. However, a chair also works well here

#10- Lifting anything and everything

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Lifting objects can really help with both strength and fitness. Try going around your home and lifting up things, start small and move to more heavy items. When you are out shopping, try to carry all of the shopping bags at once. You would be surprised at how quickly you can tire yourself out by lifting items around the home.

My suggestion is for you try to do all 10 exercise over 100 minutes. Start with as many as you can do then move to the next exercise. Any order is OK.

If you cannot exercise for 100 minutes, try breaking the routine up into either, 2 x 50 minutes, 5 x 20 minutes, or even to 10 minutes 10 x 10 minutes each over the day. Do not forget to use perfect posture and technique with your lifts, bend you knees. If you feel light head, dizzy or trouble breathing stop exercising.

Start as slow or as fast as of you need to, and adjust the variables as you progress. This workout can be done every day but every second day is fine. Best of all have fun.

Be the best you can be- Physically

Marc Matthews-Indovino


How healthy is your refrigerator?

If you are serious about personally developing yourself, you need to consider three important things.

1. How you look on the outside

2. How you feel on the inside

3. How much energy you have during the day or night

The health of your refrigerator can be a direct reflection on all things of these factors, body, mind, and soul. Your refrigerator can tell a story just by what you have in the refrigerator and is a reflection on your nutrition and consequently your overall health and well-being.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people in the world who are tired of being overweight and exhausted all the time, then it is time you looked at what you are eating and in particular what is inside your refrigerator. We will get to the pantry another time. Usually, the food inside your refrigerator makes up a large percentage of your daily diet, or at least it should. We want our food to be fresh, and fresh food should not last very long.

I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, but I do have common sense and have studied and eaten enough good and bad foods to know what healthy eating is and what is not. I think most people also know the difference between the two. We know what we should and should not be eating, but do we care or is there a deeper issue we have not addressed yet or a medical condition that is hindering your weight loss.

If it is the latter, then it is time for you to engage the expertise of a doctor, a nutritionist, or a dietitian. If you identify that you have a deeper issue with food. Your doctor can refer you to an expert for help.

If you do not have psychological or a medical condition, then you have no excuses why you cannot eat better. Firstly, we need to talk about diets. I have tried and tested all of the fad diets of the past thirty years and I can tell you they are just that fad diets. Food fads come and go and are they are designed to start and finish within a specified time-frame. We need to stop going on and off these diets and start a nutritional plan. A nutritional plan is a something you start, but never finish. Creating a plan will help your mind to focus on achieving the goal of eating well for life, not just for a certain amount of time.

The plan could take years to perfect, so get started today.

Start by opening your refrigerator and take a photo, then analyse it deeply.

There should be a balance of at least 90% fresh raw foods and 10% of others.

Fresh raw foods are- fruit, vegetables, raw meats, eggs, seeds, grains, spices and nuts.

My good friend Scott Brodie (Club General Manager @ Genesis Health and fitness Morayfield, Sunshine coast) told me that I should only eat foods that are alive such as animals and eggs or have been grow,n such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and nuts. It would be best if you never ate anything that has been processed. It would help if you also watched what you are drinking, such as water, coffee, and tea. Milk is a debatable topic, and I will leave that one alone.

Scott’s philosophy is right, and we all know this is true, however, sticking to only these can be very hard especially, if you have been eating unhealthy foods for many years. It is so vital that to make changes, you do so slowly and keep a 10% barrier of bad food that you can gradually eliminate.

10 % could include butter, condiments, sauces, dairy- cheese, yogurt, juice, dark chocolate.

However, most people have 10% or more of the terrible foods such as Alcohol, soft drinks, sweets, savouries, lollies, chocolate (dark is ok), dips, cold meats, biscuits, and processed foods.

Now you have analysed your fridge it is time to take some action. Most people I know will eat the wrong food and start at their next shopping trip; others will throw all the wrong food away. Whatever you choose is entirely up to you, no judgement here.

Now that all of the bad food is gone from the refrigerator. You want to go shopping to stock the 90% good foods.My friend Scott had some great advice. When you shop at a supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths, only shop on the outside of the aisle. Supermarkets place their fresh food on the outside of the aisles. Mostly the aisles are filled with processed foods that you do not want, so stick to the outside wherever possible. Go now and good luck

Be your best Physicailly

Marc Matthews Indovino


Are you stuck with things to do while in Isolation?

In today’s crazy world, many people around the globe have been forced in lockdown, staying at home, and with good reason. As the world struggles to cope with COVID-19, now more than ever is a chance for you to complete some personal development activities.

Up until recently, many of us have struggled to find the time to devote ourselves to self-improvement. Now that an excellent opportunity has arisen, please do not waste it. Staying at home does not mean you have to spend endless hours watching TV, however, if you are going to watch TV, make it count. Instead of mindless TV or endless re-runs try to watch documentaries.

I have compiled a list of some things I am doing at home that is helping me to reach my full potential in my quest to become a more professional person.

Watching documentaries– Knowledge is power, and when you watch a documentary, you gain an incredible amount of knowledge, which can be a great topic of conversation with a stranger. Furthermore, those real facts you have just acquired can be stored away for another day in time, that might just come in handy someday. There are a plethora of documentaries on platforms such as Netflix. Today I watched Pandemic and what was filmed 12 months ago has become a reality today.

Image by DrMAURO from Pixabay

Keeping fit with some exercise– There are many ways to achieve fitness. However, one of the most effective is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The idea of HIIT is to go as hard and as fast as you can, raising your heart rate to about 80% of your maximum heart rate for 15 minutes. It does not matter how you achieve this. You can do HIIT at home with very little or no equipment. The important thing is to raise your heart rate. The benefits of HIIT include,

Improve your circulation

Increase your Cardiovascular system (Heart)

Aid in fat loss

Add some lean muscle to your body

Learn to touch type- Many websites on the internet offer touch typing course. The one I like the best is @ has free courses and can teach you how to touch-type very quickly. I have been doing the tests for 15 minutes per day, and this has improved my skills in touch typing. The features on this website are enormous. There are lessons and tests with results so you can see your improvements. The more you practise, the faster and more accurate you will become, and the best thing is it is fun and easy to use.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Learn a new language– On your smartphone, you can download many free language applications. One of the best language applications is called Duolingo, and it is free to use. It takes between 5-10 minutes to complete each lesson. You can learn to speak, write and learn grammar from over 35 different languages, including English. Practice for 15 minutes per day, and you will be speaking a new language in no time at all.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Learn a new skill or advance your current skills- Do you know what all the buttons in the taskbar of Microsoft word or excel do? Do you know what the F buttons on a keyboard are for? You may not be advanced at computers or Microsoft word or excel. However, with only fifteen minutes of training per day, you can become advanced in any computer program you like, and very fast as well. LinkedIn Learning has a multitude of training courses that can assist you in learning or developing a skill. Learning or enhancing your computer skills is just one example, there are a plethora of other skills you can learn. Learning a new skill on LinkedIn learning allows you to link the completed certificate directly on to your LinkedIn account for everyone to see.

Catching up on your Social Media- If you enjoy using social media, try writing an article, reviewing something, tweeting, post a photo or respond to another person’s post. If you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snap chat, then this is a big task. The more social media accounts you have, the more onerous this can be. I have limited myself to LinkedIn as my primary social media account. I have linked anything I do here with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The best way I found to link everything is through my WordPress website. Most importantly now is the time to make solid network connections.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Write a blog – Writing a blog helps you to improve your writing skills, typing skills, grammar, spelling and punctuation. All critical skills to be more professional in your day to day life. There are a surfeit of blog sites you can use for free if you just want to blog. However, if you are looking to get a big following and interested in making some money. Then I suggest getting a blogging website designed especially for a sole trading business, such as (such as my website here).

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Read a book– Try not just any book. Think about how choosing a book where have no knowledge about the subject. Choosing a book to read that you have very little or no experience can help you to learn something new. For example, if you do not know how to start a business, read a business book. It is amazing the kinds of things you learn and the ideas that are generated when you read something you do not know anything about.

Study a course and gain a Qualification- Now more than ever is the time to start or complete your course. Many TAFEs and Private training organisation have more their courses online, which means you can study from your home. Of course, not all courses can be achieved by 100% online. However, if you get the learning and some assessments out of the way now. When it comes time to do the practical assessments, the Pandemic will be over, and you are finished. Gaining a qualification leads to a better job, higher pay, benefits, and better job satisfaction. In Australia, you may even be able to access some government funding which could see your course costing $0.

So there you have it. Some of my top things you can do to increase your personal development, sharpen your mind, exercise your body and improve your skills. At the same time, you are stuck in Isolation or lockdown.

Now it is your turn, you can use all or some of what I have suggested, or you can make up your own.

One last note, I challenge everyone to go through their contact list on their phones and reach out to every single person on your phone. Send every person in your contacts an individual special message to check in on them, either an SMS or phone call. I did this, and I was surprised by the massive amount of support I received back. I also found out that a few people in my list no longer had that phone number, so I was able to update my contact list at the same time.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Be your Best Mentally, Physically and Emotionally

Marc Matthews-Indovino

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