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Welcome to Art of Personal Development a blog platform for all things Personal Development with a main theme of Health and Fitness.

Hi, I am Marc Matthews-Indovino and I started this blog to share my expertise on areas that have helped shape my life that took me from a terrible childhood to a super successful adult.

My childhood was not very great, with emotional aspects that could have put me in therapy for the rest of my life. A broken family by aged seven, I endured horrible domestic violence for years and was severely bullied at school from Grade 2 to the end of High School, often beaten on daily by bullies.

As an adult I fell into the wrong crowd and made many regretful mistakes, many I cannot take back. By age 30 I was broke, bitter, broken, emotionally cold, and reckless. I though at the time I was carefree, happy and successful. Then I met my partner who encouraged me, loved me, believed in me and helped me find a way out of the darkness. Through this love I found true happiness and together we have become very successful.

It was in that pivotal moment, that I made a choice to change my lifestyle and become the best version of myself. I spent the next 18 years focusing on becoming that person, I read countless books, attended thousands of seminars, webinars and workshops. I obtained several qualifications, and won many awards in the fitness industry. I became a life coach, author, business manager, personal trainer and mentor.

I became a great friend, partner, and lover. Together my partner and I became financially secure and started a family with three wonderful boys. I have invested time, money and energy into my life. I constantly keep in mind that the many wonderful lessons, good and bad, I learnt along the way, have shaped me into who I am today.

I could have chosen to be full of excuses blaming the world for my life, but instead I chose to learn and grow and now want to share everything I have learnt with the rest of the world.

My goal and mission is to inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves.

Please follow and help spread the word that Personal Development is a Art and that it is a wonderful Art to learn.

Marc Matthews-Indovino

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