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October 25, 2020

Fatal Online Interview Mistakes.

by Marc Matthews-Indovino

If you are like many people trying to find a job at the moment, you will understand it is not easy. You have the perfect resume, perfect cover letter and have found your ideal job ad. Now all that stands in the way of you and getting that job is the first interview.

Traditionally you would dress up real nice and attend a face to face interview, but in our current environment, interviews online are becoming the everyday, practice of many organisations. There is debate as to whether online interviews are the best way to hire someone. However, it is agreed they are a better indicator than a phone call. Regardless of the debate they take the same amount of time yet can be more efficient and economical. Therefore, it makes sense for an organisation to use online interviewing to shortlist candidates.

Online interviews can be fatal if you are not prepared and many people are failing these interviews because of a few simple mistakes.

Below are five fatal mistakes people are making in online interviews:

  1. People have become comfortable working at home, that they have forgotten that an online interview is the same as a face to face interview. Therefore, it is essential to dress the part, and not just half dress. If the attire for the job is a suit. Then wear a full suit, including the shoes to the online interview. Even if the they can’t see your full dress you will be more confident if you are in pants than PJ bottoms.
Image by imperioame from Pixabay

2. Make sure there are NO distractions. Working from home has been a challenge for a lot of us, with kids, pets and other distractions bombarding our meetings, most managers are forgiving. However, this is not the case during an interview. You would never bring your cat or children to a face to face interview, so please do not let your cat walk across the screen in the middle of your interview or have your children screaming in the background. When you accept an online interview, find a place free of distractions.

3. Know what’s on your resume. A useful handy tip is to tape your resume up on the wall behind your screen. Therefore, when prompted you can refer to it if asked a question. Resumes can be very impressive, but if you don’t know what’s on it that can be a fatal mistake.

Image by Oli Lynch from Pixabay

4. Ensure your technology is working correctly, and that you are familiar with the technology. A excellent way to impress the person interviewing you is to know your way around the online meeting platform. Many companies these days want you to conduct or be involved in meetings online. This a perfect way to see if you know your way around online meeting platforms such as Zoom and test out your computer skills.

5. Make sure you are well lit, and your face is centered. Sitting in a dark room or with the sun behind you is a bad idea and can cast you into darkness. Sit up straight and if possible look into the webcam. If you are sitting too high or low, you risk having parts of your face cut off. Check all of these things prior to starting the interview, preferably the day before.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

All of these mistakes are avoidable as long as you do a little groundwork before your interview. We can’t always rely on a good internet connection and if you do have poor internet, try to arrange the interview somewhere with a better internet connection or use hotspot on your phone.

Fixing these fatal mistakes before they arise will make you look more professional and less distracting for the interviewer. All you need now is to impress and get that job. GO FOR IT.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

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Marc Matthews-Indovino

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