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September 19, 2019

Education is the key to your success

by Marc Matthews-Indovino

I have heard many times over that some of the most famous wealthy individuals of our time never got a formal education. Many of these people say that they dropped out of high school as it was not for them, and they did not need a high school education to get the success they enjoy today. While that is somewhat true, I do know from reading their biographies that although they did not finish high school or earn a high school diploma or university degree, they still needed to educate themselves and they did so in many other ways.

Educating yourself does not have to be formal, such as a university degree. Although I highly recommend it these days. To become a better person, you must educate yourself. I too dropped out of high school. I choose to return to complete a university degree to further my knowledge and skills formally, but this is not for everyone, and that is ok.

Whatever your goals are in life always look for the opportunities to educate yourself, it could be seminars, workshops, conferences, finding a mentor, reading books, short or online courses, or a formal qualification at any level. Personal development requires you to be on a path of continuous learning. Learn the things that will help your personal development, which can lead to a better life and better relationships. Furthermore, being more educated gives you more self-confidence.

Back in the 1980s, finishing high school and achieving the HSC/VCE did not seem to be much of a talked-about subject as it is today. Going onto University to obtain a degree was only discussed with the students who were in the top classes or private schools. I attended a public government school and was in one of the lower levels. Most of these kids would go on to get an apprenticeship and have a trade of some sort, although I did hear (I left in year 10) that almost half of the boys in my year went onto to year 11 but dropped out before year 12.

I regret the fact that I did not finish high school or go to Uni and get a degree. I was not aware, and after so much wasted time, I could have gone to University years ago as a mature aged student years ago. The regret only came recently when after 16 years with the one employer the company folded, and I was made redundant. I had only heard of people getting made redundant I never thought it would ever happen to me.

Immediately I started looking for jobs that I would enjoy and that paid what I was earning currently. Turns out all the occupations I have the skills and knowledge to do, that offer the same remuneration or higher, all require a University degree. I had many times over the years seen people start and complete their degrees and always felt I was not good enough, smart enough or able to do a degree.

Being made redundant gave me the motivation and inspiration to enrol in a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management. I have the skills and knowledge; all I need is a degree.

There are many reasons why formal education is right for you. For me it has opened the smart person in me and has taught me so much in such a brief time. I have learnt how to read, speak, and write English better. It has taught me proper grammar. I am forced to read books, research, read articles, and draft formal papers that are well written.

I know this is not for everyone but what I do know is the confidence I have gained so far from this course has already opened many new doors for me. I did not think possible. I am starting to believe that I can be a general manager or CEO. The education I have gained has allowed me to learn things I would not have usually sought out.

Five things that a Degree has helped me learn so far

  1. Researching opens up a whole new world of learning. When researching, you are required to read and sometimes the information is not what you needed at the time, but frequently I learn something I would not have otherwise.
  2. When communicating with professors you are required to be more formal, which transcends into your writing skills and grammar. For example, I use synonymous to find better words. I have my grammar checked by professionals, and I think about what I want to say before I say it.
  3. You are learning up to date information. The textbooks, subjects, and information is current and therefore opens up a world of learning about new technologies, application, websites, corporations, start-ups, successful people and much more.
  4. I often get more than just business and management lessons I also get history, science and geography lessons without having to do those subjects. When I am reading a topic, for example, there is usually a back story (history), theory (science) and a place in the world (geography).
  5. Although Ps get degrees, HDs are better degrees. 😊

Be your best Mentally

Marc Matthews-Indovino

Read more from Be your best Mentally, Home

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